African Secrets

African Secret Marula Cream has embarked on an extraordinary journey through Africa as it follows the inspiring conservation efforts of six heroes that are making a difference on the continent.

Over an eight-month period, we will be on the frontlines with our individual heroes as they battle modern day elements such as poachers and global warming to make a difference and save our African heritage for future generations to enjoy. And each hero, with their own unique story, an eco-warrior or humanitarian in their own right, do so with utter dedication and desire to either save another life or generate awareness for their plight or organisation.

It is with pride that African Secret has committed a pledge to each hero and brings you their remarkable and spirited tales from the place they call home. Africa.

First Hero: Carla Geyser

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African Secret is the creamy marula fruit liqueur that you want to share with your friends and family, because only African Secret has the indulgent creamy marula taste to indulge your senses.

         Inspired by the colours and patterns of Africa bound together by the secrets and folklore of the African Marula tree. African Secret embodies the true African landscape in both design and name.

         A decadently delicious marula flavoured cream liqueur with hints of caramel and vanilla ABV: 15%

        Launched in 2014 and now with new enhanced packaging graphics in 2020.

        #4 Marula cream liqueur in South Africa and growing in share.

        Enjoy over ice, as a Dom Pedro, milkshake, over ice cream, or as a decadent cocktail.


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Here is a fun fact about our 5th Secret Hero In celebration of World Turtle Day!

Ocean Alive Conservation Trust supports turtle rescue rehabilitation projects and adopted 20 stranded turtle hatchlings in 2022.


National Endangered Species Day!

African Secret Marula Cream Liqueur has started an initiative called the Secret Heroes of Africa in hopes of bringing awareness to unsung conservationists and all the endangered species that need our help in protecting them.
Please reach out and help wherever and however you can to ensure that our species are around for generations to come.

The importance of communicating without words.

Mothers are some of the wisest people and one thing they taught us is, “ the importance of communicating without words.”

With our decadently delicious African secret Cream Liqueur, no words are needed you only need to pour a glass of Marula Creaminess over ice and enjoy.


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